A review on the first season of Freakish

By Caridad Valle (Staff Writer) -11/7/16

Characters of the show during a scene
Characters of the show during a scene

Kennedy High School is starting to get a bit freaky. Hulu’s new television series, Freakish, filmed multiple scenes at Kennedy. The show starts off with multiple teenagers arriving to school for either Saturday detention or other extracurricular activities. An emergency call alerts all the students that the chemical plant in their town has exploded, resulting in everyone being ordered to go inside. Chaos ensues.
The show films a variety of scenes at Kennedy including the front of the school, the blacktop, the gym, locker rooms, the main office, and more. During the series, viewers may also see a handful of easter eggs showing off the school mascot, the cougar.
The series itself is relatively short for the first season, only having 10 episodes that last an estimated 23 minutes per showing. The television show launched on Hulu on October 10 getting into the spirit of the spooky month.
Freakish features Disney stars Adam Hicks and Leo Howard. The acting is relatively steady since the main cast has done television before and since the cast are actually teenagers acting as teenagers, casting receives 4/5. The show is filled with humor, zombie horror, and tons of romantic tension. It manages to use the popular apocalypse arc in many ways that viewers have seen before but also gives a fresh take on many things we have not seen yet. The plot is something we see on television all the time, but is something new for younger audiences, so it’s a 3/5.
There are moments during the show when you hear the cliché suspenseful music when the enemy is right behind you, but it also finds a way to throw you off on what you believed was coming, which in the end, adds more suspense leaving viewers to continue watching the series all the way through. The music was placed right before something was about to happen leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, maintaining the typical horror aspect of using suspenseful music, but it was cliché and predictable, making it receive 3/5.
The show at first seems as they have stuffed too many characters to have any development within the season, but it is surprising how well they deal with the growth of their characters. The main characters all seem to have something to hide, and it is very interesting to see how everything begins to unravel. The question of where the plot will go after every episode is something viewers will think about, and the show does a great job of ending each episode with a suspenseful cliffhanger that allows the show to keep broadening its plot. The characters are all searching for ways to get out of this situation, and they grow steadily along with the story of the show.
The television production begins with a steady pilot episode but continues to grow as the series progresses. The visuals are surprisingly well for a television show made on a lower budget, the zombies look like zombies, and the eerie effects were used to better the show, giving visuals a 4/5.
The series overall was interesting to watch. The show is categorized as horror but was able to mix other elements with it. The plot expanded throughout the 10 episode season, and ended with a bang, the show overall was a 3.5/5. Also, seeing all the scenes that were shot at Kennedy makes the show so much more enticing to watch. This is a no spoiler review, but the season finale definitely ends in a freakish way that will keep viewers awaiting the next season.