The Jeffree Star Cosmetics

By: Teresa Mercado

After the first  success that Jeffree Star’s first palette blood sugar had, he is releasing his second palette. Star announced the release date and information regarding the Blue Blood Palette on March 15, 2019.

His new palette made will include 18 shades of cool tone colors along with many pigmentations  of blue. The Blue Blood palette is not the only item that was being released with this collection; there is also lipsticks, mirrors, cosmetic bags, and other facial cosmetics. All his products are vegan and animal cruelty free.

Before he released his cosmetics he did a sneak peak on social media.

The Youtuber had some controversy with other cosmetic line Tarte. Tarte cosmetics was furious with the Youtuber’s cosmetic line because they had recently released a palette with similar color scheme.

Not only has he been working on his palette, but he was also working on a concealer and setting powders. He taking out a variety of colors if concealers and powders because he  doesn’t like how most cosmetic brands only take out a few shades.They were supposed to be released in the month of March, but he had some issues while making them so he delayed until until the month of April. Star believes that he will never release any cosmetics if they aren’t ready for the consumers.

When Star’s first launched his first palette, Sugar Blood, he said that it changed his life because it was something different for the cosmetic world. So he decided to take out a new palette with just shades of blue because he thought that it would be something new to this industry.

All his eyeshadows in his palette are very pigmented with a butter and creamy feel to them. All the names that each eyeshadow has have a meaning to them; for example, I’m Cold was named because he always says its cold. He also has blue minnies, which are his liquid lip colors in this bundle. He has a white color that can be mixed with any other lip colors or can be used for anything.

Star started his Youtube career in 2003 and is still making beauty and makeup tutorial videos for his “fans”. He is the founder and  owner of his cosmetic line Jeffree Star cosmetics. Before his career working with the cosmetics he was a singer but later on went on to become a beauty vlogger. He has over 13 million subscribers with a little over 1.5 billion views as of March 2019.