Kennedy students’ opportunity for a new adventure in 2017

By Alexis Miranda (Special features editor) -6/27/16

One of many beautiful buildings in japan
One of many beautiful buildings in japan

Knowing how to live, or as the French would say savoir vivre, is a phrase that Madam Denise Dupré teaches to her French students as a life lesson. With a politeness that travels across every border and is present in every country, Dupré is hoping to expose Kennedy students to this idea by taking them to Japan in the summer of 2017.
Over the last thirty years of her career, Duprè has taken students to places across the globe in hopes that these students would gain a new appreciation for the world. Europe, Canada, and Costa Rica are just a few of the locations Kennedy students have traveled to ever since Dupré decided she wanted to organize these trips in 1986.
When deciding where to go for Dupré’s next trip, she asked her students where their interests were. Some of her students, including junior Frida Campos, have expressed their interest in various elements of Japanese pop culture such as anime and manga.
“Everything is so different over there,” states Frida. “It’s not just a trip. It’s an educational experience as well. I’ve only ever been to Mexico, so I’m excited to be exposed to the different environment.”
Dupré also recognized the connection between Japan and France. With similar cultural norms on being polite, such as trying to treat people with the utmost respect, she views this trip as a way to “expose students a mind-changing environment.”
The trip takes place from June 19 to June 27, and Kennedy students will immerse themselves for nine days in this new culture. They will be surrounded by Japan’s people, language, food, and way of life. EF, or Education First, is the company that the trip will be provided by. With a full-time tour director and experiential learning, students will be safe across seas.
Dupré believes that these trips not only educate the students, but they also serve as “an investment in the student’s futures.” Colleges are impressed when they see that an applicant has seen the world past the student’s nearby surroundings.
“These trips open up the student’s minds. I get calls from previous students too about where they graduated from college and what they are doing after that,” Dupré explains. “This trip gives kids the opportunity to be successful.”
Although the trip’s overall price is $3,795, students are allowed to pay for the trip in monthly payments so that it doesn’t overwhelm the parents. Any student can sign up for the trip as long as they go to EP05 as soon as possible. There is only a max of 20 students that can go on the trip with only 3 students signed up, so spots will fill up fast.