An interesting look inside the world of men’s style

By Christian Gonzalez (Online Editor) 9/23/16

A Menswear enthusiast wearing a classic fedora
A menswear enthusiast wearing a classic fedora and a peaked-lapel suit. 

Today’s style trend for many men is t-shirts, blue jeans, and sneakers, however there are a select few that deem it absolutely unacceptable to dress this way.. It is this minority that believes the daily outfit must include something along the lines of a dress shirt, dress slacks, a pocket square, a bowtie, and a sports jacket. These men are also known as “dandies” and men’s wear enthusiasts. This niche has been around for centuries but has recently gained enormous popularity causing the community to grow exponentially as the man’s style market has grown tremendously in the past decade.
Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and popular video platform Youtube have contributed tremendously to the growth of this stylish group of men. These gentlemen come from all different backgrounds, cultures, and races but still embrace their differences along with sharing similar tastes in sartorial menswear. The community’s influences range from American 1920s fashion to modern European formal wear. With such a wide range of different styles, fabrics, and textures, these men enjoy sharing their ideas for outfits and clothing collections with other members from the community.
When acquiring new pieces, men’s wear enthusiasts keep in mind the versatility, function, price, quality, and most importantly, the fit of the garment. Fit is valued above all amongst the community, as even if a particular item is purchased at a good price, is decent quality, and looks beautiful, the ill-fitting garment will prevent the wearer from looking their best and sharpest.
Dandies not only enjoy making themselves look good, but many of them are also very friendly and willing to offer anyone advice on how to look sharp themselves, especially if the advice seeker is looking to begin to adopt the men’s wear enthusiast lifestyle. is an online forum where people from all over the world review men’s clothing brands from all price ranges and offer constructive criticism on how people can improve thier overall look and style sense. Antonio Centeno, founder of men’s wear advice website, remarked that “ is a great place to start for anyone looking to improve not only their style sense but also their image.” This welcoming site not only has friendly members willing to help just about anyone, but its actual content is highly regarded amongst the menswear niche as there is no better place online to find advice on clothing fit, value, quality, and style.
There is a common misconception that in order to dress like and be a sartorial men’s wear advocate that one must spend enormous amounts of money to fund their clothing and tailoring costs. However many of the men in this niche aren’t rich; they are just passionate enough to dedicate plenty of time in finding deals, searching through thrift stores, and looking for pieces to acquire. Aaron Marino, owner of image consulting company IAmAlpham, stated, “Even though I grew up poor, I still found ways to look sharp such as shopping at secondhand shops.” Really anyone with time to dedicate can become a part of this group regardless of their financial situation or background.