Is it worth studying for the new and upcoming SAT exam?

by Hashir Imran (Staff Writer) – 10/28/2015

Study materials for the SAT
Study materials for the SAT

In order to become successful by getting into a college or university to chase their dreams, students have to do well in school and on the SAT, an exam which every student in high school takes in order to apply for a college to continue on their education. In order to increase college choices and options, a good score on this exam is needed. Like everything else in life, studying and practice are needed to be successful. For this purpose, SAT prep classes are offered.

The SAT is a very important test for every senior to expand their college choices and options. To be successful on this test, studying materials in order to prepare the brains of the students for this exam are available along with SAT prep classes on and off of campus to prepare each student for the different math and English questions on this exam.

Kennedy college counselor Lorin Abarr believes that these prep classes can improve a student’s score from 50-100 points, which is a major boost. Abarr mentioned “It’s crucial to study due to the different and tricky math and English questions.” Abarr even commented that not studying for this exam truly hurts someone’s chances of getting into a better CSU, UC, or a private college.

According to, SAT prep classes can help a score improve by around 150 points. One student on the site said it was worth buying those classes due to the improved scores.

Regarding SAT studying, Abarr mentioned that studying only helps when someone fully studies and doesn’t buy classes or books to storm through them. He thinks that a book and a class is helpful only if the student goes through it with full focus.

Former Kennedy student Abir Javed uttered, “When I was in high school, I took a prep class, but to be completely honest, I didn’t really focus therefore it didnt help. My friend took the same class and got a lot of benefit from it.”

According to, there will be changes in the upcoming SAT exam. The college board president David Coleman said standardized tests have become “far too disconnected from the work of our high schools.” They’re too stressful for students, too filled with mystery and “tricks” to raise scores and aren’t necessarily creating more college-ready students, he said. The SAT exam is a test every student should study for especially due to the changed exam format.