by Audrey Robles:

This holiday season most teens have only one present in mind. A new iPhone, but is it really worth all of the trouble to purchase one?

Apple has been a leader in electronic devices for some time but companies like Samsung and Microsoft are making products are equally as developed and innovative as the next Apple product. For example the new Galaxy S III which is also receiving much attention from buyers.

The iPhone 5 is designed with a 4 inch retina display, a faster A6 chip, the latest wireless technology, and 8MP iSight camera. It also has more apps on the homepage like the improved camera app, maps, and passbook. It is also capable of a longer battery life. The iPhone was also created with a sleek, light aluminum design and larger screen to show more web browser or view emails in a new way.

Although the iPhone has up to date features and applications, the Galaxy S III has combined a smartphone and tablet in one. It includes Pop Up Play which lets you continue to watch videos while you search the web or see your emails. It also comes preloaded with Google Maps, Flipboard, and Media Hub. The Galaxy S III like the iPhone comes with a voice command like Siri and a front-facing camera that has full 1.9 megapixels, so you can include yourself in the picture.

Although you can find the S3 for cheaper when it comes to buying it without a contract it’s prices can vary based on the carriers and where you live. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is fairly cheaper than the iPhone 5. Verizon currently prices both handsets for $199 with two year contract without any special deals. Both phones are great and for just about everything from multitasking to everyday tasks, but if you’re looking to save some money the Galaxy S III is the right phone for you.