A new club, inspired by the PC game League of Legends, has joined Kennedy

by Hazel Giron (Staff Writer) – 2/24/15

              Teams battling each other
                                                                                           Teams battling each other

“Work hard, play hard,” is the motto for the newest club at Kennedy; “League of Kennedy” was inspired by the popular PC game known as League of Legends and they are now preparing to begin their “awesome” experience that awaits.

The game League of Legends was created in the year of 2009 and has gradually increased in popularity since then. This multiplayer PC game is about battling with other teams. Each player controls a “champion” with special abilities.

“It is such a fun style,” described Allan Abrego, an eleventh grade member. Abrego has been playing for five years, so he thought it would be a great idea to join this club. “I look forward to practicing with my friends and just having a good time,” stated Abrego.

Quennie Labasan, the president of this new club, said that this club’s main goal is to win at the High School Star League (League of Legends) Competition and earn a scholarship. The High School Star League Competition provides an enjoyable eSport experience for students.

Some people who have competed in this tournament have gained recognition and are now professional gamers.

Although her goal is success in this championship, her main goal also consists of giving gamers a chance to become more “social.” Labasan believes that many gamers do not have much contact with the “outside” world; therefore, she wants to give her members a chance to build relationships with everyone in “League of Kennedy.”

Everyone is welcomed to join “League of Kennedy,” but there is one requirement Labasan has requested. “I do not want people to be fully attached to gaming; they should also be attached to academics,” indicated Labasan. A 2.5 grade point average is strictly required according to Labasan. Every Friday in Erica Monterrosa’s, a Spanish teacher, (room C115) meetings will be held during lunch, and that is where all the training will take place.

The president of “League of Kennedy” mentioned some of her methods and how they will use them to become a good team. During meetings at lunch, they will discuss what they think is best for the team. They will also have additional training outside of school every once in a while.

“League of Kennedy” is a club for people who would like to become more social, especially for people who enjoy gaming. Gamers who already have an interest in this PC game would suit them perfectly and for those gamers (non-gamers, as well) who have not, will have an experience that Labasan hopes is legendary.