by Elizabeth Vazquez:

Crime, vandalism and reckless behavior are always a problem around communities, but does the season of Halloween give perpetrators a bigger motive for their actions? While everyone is trick-or-treating and having festive gatherings during Halloween, troublemakers find opportunities to be disruptive. wrote an article on Halloween crime research, stating, “Halloween and drinking go hand-in-hand…” The website did a questionnaire amongst college students. “For college students, dressing in costumes on Halloween is associated with the use of alcohol.” Law enforcement is extra cautious because of the popular Halloween parties and the increase in alcohol consumption.

Halloween raises red flags to parents who take their children trick-or-treating. Last Halloween, a man was charged with DUI after he hit and killed a 12-year-old trick-or-treater. Fox 5 News stated that the man was found guilty in July.

The Times-Picayune wrote an article about a Halloween shooting that left two dead and fourteen injured. Even though many bystanders are not provoking any dangerous behaviors, they still get caught up in other’s mischief.

The website, Ashworth Community, stated that the crime rate is higher during Halloween. “Several states have reported crime rates being higher during Halloween night than any other point in the mouth of October and one of the highest in the year.”

Although some people see this holiday as an enjoyable time for them and their family, others see it a very dangerous time. Whether it is going and trick-or-treating or having a festive party, Halloween can come with its own dangers. Many websites and magazines offer extra precautions for parents and kids to be more aware on that night for example carrying glow sticks at night, double checking kids candies and having designated driver to avoid any accidents.