Inside the W.A.R. store

by: Salvador Mena 

    The shoe game is quickly increasing, and with the new boutique store, WAR (We Are Royalty), students are able to own a nice pair of shoes for a reasonable price.

    Andy and Mike Guerra opened WAR up on November 9, 2013, and ever since then they have been trying to give an opportunity to the people in the community to buy shoes or apparel for an affordable price. A. Guerra states that the store “provides affordable clothes for the community kids.” Many retail stores sell their footwear or apparel for a very high price, and with our economy right now, we cannot spend $80.00 on a sweater or even buy a pair of shoes from resellers for over $300.00.

    With WAR as a local retail store, they provide students and adults with the latest popular footwear and apparel for the right price. Both A. Guerra and M. Guerra know that it can be tough to gather up cash, therefore they are willing to bargain with the buyer, but the customer can only bargain on their apparel and accessories, not their shoes because those shoes are other peoples’ property.

      At WAR they have a large amount of shoes for sale, but most are resale. What A. Guerra and M. Guerra do is help the owner of the shoes sell their product, and at the end they take a commission of 20% from the total price. Junior Ruben Morales describes the environment as “a place where [he] can feel at home.” Morales loves how they treat him when he enters the shop, and he also loves the raffles that the shop has every month.

    The raffles are $25.00, and the winner takes a pair of shoes that are worth around $400-$600, but everybody gets a “Reload LA” t-shirt no matter what. I personally bought a ticket, and I liked the feeling of having a high chance in winning a nice pair of shoes.

    When I entered the store for the first time, I was impressed with what they had to offer. I myself am a sneaker head, and right when I entered WAR, I knew that I was going to be constantly visiting the store to see their new pickups. The employees at WAR were extremely kind, and they helped me find the right shoe. The atmosphere in the store made me feel at home with their hip hop music and their ridiculous amount of Nike shoes.

     In the future, WAR wants to provide the community with brand name clothing lines such as Primitive, Huff, and Pink Dolphin. Freshman Aaron Baz feels that the store will get much more popular overtime, and “they will always be stocked up with the latest Jordan’s and Nike’s that people wish to have.” Compared to all of the retail stores in the valley, I believe that WAR is the best one because of what they want to do for the community and what they offer to everybody as well.