by : Viviana Avila

     Have you been asked that ever so important question in every young teen’s life? Have you been stressing if you might be asked this question or have you been stressing about who might ask and how you will politely say no? Do you know for a fact you are going to go alone to prom?

      Riding solo to prom has always been looked at as a curse of a total unforgettable, awkward night spent surrounded by loving couples and then, oh wait, then there’s you. It’s not that something is wrong with you or that someone can’t possibly imagine spending an entire evening in your company, but let’s be honest, it also isn’t the best feeling in the world to be alone or the “third wheel” on prom night. Even though it seems to be a fact that prom should be unforgettable, it all depends on what you make of it.


     The day will most likely begin early in the morning for girls who have pre made plans to get their hair done, or for guys their day might begin in the late afternoon realizing that “Oh today is prom.” If you don’t have a date, there’s an upside. Looking at yourself and realizing that your hair looks like a total bird’s nest and that you somehow gained or lost weight and now don’t fit nicely into your dress or tux  is perfectly ok because you have no one to impress. Furthermore, girls will try to pile pounds of makeup on trying to go for a “natural” look which will end up entering drag queen territory. Next, after your endless attempts to make yourself look perfect, you will be bombarded by family members that will hint to you that prom is crazy and that you need to behave, but then you think….. “If only you knew….”

     Family develops an addiction to cameras on this day. After one picture of you, they seem to want more and more because “this is a once in a lifetime thing” and yes, hopefully this awkward day is only once in a lifetime because you are surely in for a long day.        In every picture you will also want to show your “good side” because it’s where your waist looks small, but your buttock looks huge (with help of your lovely Spandex underneath that lovely 200 dollar dress). Family also usually sits you down for the “be responsible” speech which can be more awkward than going to prom alone. The speech usually consists of many very important issues to take into consideration, but honestly, teens seem to be thinking of how late they are running or if they have their tickets and id’s in their purse or pocket.

     After getting over your family’s endless photography session, the next awkward event you will get to is the picture taking with your friends. On any other day selfies with your friends would be an enjoyable experience, but then you come the realization that … you are at the park with your closest friends and will be going viral on Instagram and Twitter for all to judge that you obviously didn’t have anyone to take couple’s pictures with. Yes, the fact that you don’t have a date will be very obvious in many of the photos, but remember the way you approach this situation is the key. You can always take single person pictures with inanimate objects representing your date such as a tree, bush, or, if you feel real needy for a person, find a nice looking statue. Make your friends believe that this whole situation is perfectly ok and that you don’t mind simply taking all the pictures of the loving couples. While going through the picture taking venue, don’t find yourself in sticky situations such as stepping in dog crap or gum because then you will receive even more pity from your friends. 

     The limo or party bus ride is usually not as bad as it sounds…. if you it make enjoyable. It is in your hands to make the most of everyone sitting with their couple and then you on the side. Make the best of it and enjoy the accommodations of the limo which can include free drinks, a great sound system that you can high blast music in, and possibly a stripper pole to entertain your friends on. Soon you will not only be having fun yourself but also be the life of the party for your entire group of friends.

     There will be endless awkward moments once at the actual venue of prom but right when you arrive find “safety zones.” You can find the bathroom where you will go many times to “touch up” your drag queen makeup look, the outside garden where you will “keep in touch” with your family, or even a simple porch or outside area where you will go out and “catch some air.” It’s all about making the night enjoyable and overcoming the loneliness. Enjoy the food which hopefully will be great, and simply enjoy the nigh you paid for. And for that slow dancing moment where you have no one to slow dance with, you can always volunteer to stay back at your group table and take care of everyone’s belongings. Everything will only be as bad as you make it seem.

     Since going to prom solo doesn’t seem as gruesome as its made out to be everyone should still be asked that ever so important question regardless if they are going alone or with their significant other so………. Will you go to prom with me?