Climate change is going to affect the city

by Gurpreet Grewal (Sports Editor) – 9/5/17

Climate change exists, due to rising temperatures and sea levels in Los Angeles, and there will be an effect on the city’s mild summers.

According to experts, the Los Angeles area is expected to become warmer leading up to the year 2050. Higher temperatures caused by smog will lead to health problems, such as cardiovascular and lung diseases.

Climate change will have a negative effect on the low-income residents of L.A. They are less likely to have access to air conditioning or be able to get to some place cooler.

Executive director of Climate Resolve Jonathan Parfrey expressed that extreme heat days will quadruple in the city. If there nothing is done to control greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures will be higher than 95 degrees.

UCLA researchers have found out that Southern Californians may be at an increased risk of flooding and will have smaller windows of time to capture local water because the amount of precipitation is expected to remain nearly the same; more will fall as rain instead of snow.

Climate scientists predict the region will get even hotter and drier. And as more of the California precipitation falls as rain instead of snow in the mountains, it will run off the land more quickly, ending up in the ocean.

Lack of water has also led to more frequent and larger wildfires, such as the “Sand Fire” that occurred last year near Santa Clarita. The fire destroyed over 3,300 acres, and smoke could be seen all the way from Beverly Hills. The high in the area was 111 degrees.

“Climate change happens every day, all over the world. Trees are dying, there is not enough fresh water being found. Los Angeles has the biggest smog problem, and no one is instating resources to help our environment,” expressed concerned resident Ariana Avila.

The concrete and asphalt landscape has been pushing temperatures higher. Many homes in the city now have heat absorbing roofs. Installation of solar panels has been becoming popular in the city. To adapt to climate change, Los Angeles will be installing new programs in 2020.