by Victoria Jauregui:

New coaches are a common occurrence at schools and Kennedy is no exception; these new coaches are bringing enthusiasm and experience into Kennedy’s campus.

Varsity volleyball coach Kimberly Kester has been at Kennedy for two years, but she recently replaced head coach Ratanapham, who had been coaching volleyball for six years.

“The school let me know about two weeks before school started, so I was a bit surprised and a little overwhelmed,” she informed.

Kester played volleyball for eight years and realized volleyball was a big part of her life once she stopped, and she decided to get back into it by starting to coach. She believes that her team has a lot of potential and likes that there are many athletic girls.

“I think we have got a great season and I am excited for the years to come,” Kester stated. “We’re going to win city champs in 2016.”

Mrs.Vaughan is a long-term substitute at Kennedy who is filling in for Mr. Alvarado’s counseling position this year. She worked from periods one to six as a counselor until she volunteered to coach cross country sixth period to fill in for Mr. Garcia, a new Spanish teacher.  Garcia, who has been coaching cross country at Kennedy for two years, has a full-time job as a teacher that requires him to teach sixth period.

During her 20 years of coaching, Vaughan coached cross country and track and field for four years and gymnastics for approximately 10. She was at Poly High School for 20 years and before that, at Monroe High School. She coaches because of the love for the kids.

“Kids are fun they keep you young,” enlightened Vaughan. “My kids are good; I’ve got some that are really trying.”

Kester and Vaughan believe that the kids they coach are great and hardworking and know that they will go far.