Senior Council is working hard to make senior year both enjoyable and affordable

by Ashkan Ghiassi (OP/ED Editor) – 11/5/15

Senior Council Vice President, Saul Ruvalcaba, organizing the upcoming Chipotle fundraiser
Senior Council Vice President, Saul Ruvalcaba, organizing the upcoming Chipotle fundraiser

Senior year is filled with many activities such as prom, powderpuff, and the senior carnival; these activities all cost money which is why Senior Council is collecting funds through a variety of fundraisers.

Senior packages and senior gear, things like hoodies, senior rings, and yearbooks, all help raise funds that are then applied towards keeping down the price of things like prom tickets or towards free events such as the senior carnival that took place on October 30th and the Morp dance that took place on October 16th.

Senior Council’s Digital Editor Alfredo Sanchez, who was in charge of putting together the senior carnival, explained, “The reason why we can put together free or cheap events is because of the things that we sell such as Krispy Kreme donuts or Chipotle burritos. If we didn’t have any fundraisers, something like Morp would cost $10 per ticket and Winter Formal could be approximately $80 per ticket.”

One aspect of school events that most students don’t know about is the topic of security. Every school event requires a certain level of security, such as hiring school police. This can get quite expensive, costing around $700 a night.

One idea that is currently in the works is a fundraiser at Chipotle (on the corner of Devonshire and Balboa) that will be held on December 18th, the last day of school before winter break.

Senior Council Vice President Saul Ruvalcaba mentioned, “We want to give our peers a memorable year, and one thing that’ll help us is the student body’s support. The money we raise from our sales allows us to finance many events that’ll ultimately be free of charge to the seniors.”

Another event that is being put together is the Clash of Classes basketball game where the juniors and seniors will face off. This event will not be free, but if it raises enough money it will help fund other activities in the future which will be either free, or at the very least, cheaper than they would have been otherwise.

Movie night is another event that has been organized and will be done again for the enjoyment of all students. Movie night is a free event, but the sales of drinks and snacks really help Senior Council raise money.

Senior Council President Liana Moini stated, “Although we do charge for some of our activities including Winter Formal, seniors are getting their money back. All funds are reinvested into the senior class. Every dollar that you guys spend buying Krispy Kreme donuts or tickets to an event is given back to you in the form of other free activities.”