A preview to this year’s freshmen tailgate 

by Coleen Guillermo (Lifestyle Editor) -9/13/16

Students preparing signs for the freshmen tailgate.
Students preparing signs for the freshmen tailgate.

Every year Link Crew hosts an event to welcome the freshmen in hopes of bringing them together and giving them a chance to participate in school activities. Freshmen Tailgate kicks off the new school year allowing the students to loosen up with a variety of games. The event was held on September 16, the day of the Granada football game, to attract more of the students to show up.
Head of the link crew leaders, Genesis Ortega, states that there were plenty of games for the freshmen to enjoy. “A lot of the games were the ones that we got a lot of good feedback on from previous years, so we included them into this year’s tailgate. We will have face painting, we are going to lay out bottles of paint and they can either do some designs on themselves or our crew can do it.” Ortega continued to add that they included a photo booth for the freshman to take snapshots and to them keep for memories.
“One of the things I’m excited for is the auction. Towards the end of the event, after the freshmen have played their games and collected their tickets, they get the chance to buy one of the link crew leaders and take us on a date,” junior Randall Gonzalez explained. Gonzalez believes that this will attract a lot of the freshmen to participate in the games and the event overall because that is what he looked forward to when he was a freshman.
Senior Rafael Evangelista has high expectations for the freshmen and believes it will be a great chance for them to make new friends. He explained that the Arc program also contributed to the event by providing foods and drinks for freshmen because Evangelista knows that the 9th graders will get hungry after a long time playing games. Evangelista is thrilled to see the freshmen socialize with others in their class and also interact with the seniors.
On account of freshmen being the center of the event, many students are excited to make an appearance and get the chance to know their class. The tailgate has been a success for many years, and the goal for the crew is to continue that streak.
Freshman Jennifer Amaya states that she is thrilled to go to her first freshman event. Amaya believes that having events at the beginning of the school year will allow them to get pumped up for the incoming events.
Freshmen Tailgate gives the students an advantage to participate in school activities and ways to interact with new people. Link crew is filled with joy to help out the freshman to have fun their first year of high school, and they believe starting it off with a tailgate is a great way to do that.