Staying united through a sports game

By: Bryan Lemus (Sports Editor)

Like many other sports, football finds a way to bring communities together even if it’s just for two or three hours. In the US, football has ingrained itself into the national culture and has become part of people’s lives. People will have Sunday night football parties, little league games, and even watch football games during holidays.

Something similar is beginning to happen at Kennedy sporting events like football matches have become a community event. Football at Kennedy undeniably receives the most attention, not only by the school and students but by the Granada Hills community. Attendance at games is diverse: parents, teachers, students, neighbors, and football fanatics all come to watch the Kennedy Cougars play. JV begins at 4 pm after school and Varsity matches begin at 7. Seats at games always get filled quickly.

It’s due to the fact that a Kennedy football game isn’t just a “game.” It’s more of a show. Typically at a football game, it’s common to see color guard, band, cheer, and JROTC all of this makes it more of an event than a game. It’s the complete package. There’s music, entertainment, and food; it’s an ideal occasion for students, easy for parents, and accessible for community members. The football program makes money on tickets and food, which all goes back into uniforms for the team, as well as paying the referees and polices officers on duty at games.

Just as various other high schools, Kennedy holds many sports: water polo, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and football. Dissimilarly to other sports at Kennedy, football is an all-male team and doesn’t have a female equivalent.

However, this does not mean that girls can’t try out for the team. In fact, there have been females athletes on the team in past seasons.

Football garners more attention than the other teams and has consistently positive attendance records. Physical education teacher Les Thompson added, “The football games are the biggest event at school, and fans are devoted to the team.”

Even old student alumni still come to become involved with schools activities.