Another Form of Toxicity

By: Carina Rodriguez

 Physical and verbal abuse is a globally acknowledged issue, but economic abuse is overlooked. It occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases. This form of mistreatment can vary from a spouse forbidding the idea of their partner having a job to controlling their bank accounts. Financial abuse can have serious ramifications like debt from credit cards taken or other fraudulent crimes.

  Serena Williams got involved with the insurance company, Allstate, to raise awareness about this problem. The cause was close to heart due to knowing other people’s situations. She did a public service announcement video called “Invisible Weapon.” She explains financial abuse and highlights the warning signs.

  Despite this campaign, most adults are still confused about the topic at hand. The oppressor in the relationship takes advantage of the affection their husband or wife holds. No one steps into a marriage with the expectation that their significant other will hurt them by ruining their monetary assets.

  The victim can be told that the head of the household should take care of everything. There could be no warning signs and the innocent party wakes up one with financial injuries. This behavior is manipulative, and it sadly holds no accountability for a criminal case.

  “I don’t think it’s right that someone could get away with this type of thing… it’s horrible that the spouse is left to deal with their mess and they can’t even pursue criminal charges against them,” intoned senior Laney Rodriguez.

  There aren’t many preventive measures that keeps you safe from financial abuse when you undergo a process of vowing “what’s yours is mine.” The only safety net is a prenuptial agreement, but that only pertains to the aftermath. The legislative branch should create laws that protects these situations. Identity theft crimes are prosecutable, yet hardly anything is ever done if it’s a case of economic abuse.

  Eliminating marriage altogether also can’t be safety precaution. It would be very extreme for something that isn’t guaranteed going to happen. There is only law assistance to help dig yourself out of  debt or similar cases.

   The only real protection is staying on top of any financial activity. The best way is getting statements from the companies involved or paying for an alert for fraudulent conditions. This almost hopeless social injustice needs more awareness to obtain more solutions.