Should the Uncanny X-Men join The Avengers too?

by Rey Galvan (Staff Writer) – 3/4/15

All the Marvel characters united in their same universe
                                                          All the Marvel characters united in their same universe

On February 9, 2015, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Marvel Studios unveiled plans for Sony to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The iconic, web slinging superhero would be featured in an upcoming Marvel film where he would be interacting with other Marvel heroes. Now the question remains: should 20th Century Fox do the same with their superhero teams, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, and join ranks with Marvel and Sony?

As Marvel fans know, Spider-Man is currently a member of the Avengers in the Marvel Comics, and many were astounded to see that he wasn’t featured in the 2012 blockbuster film The Avengers. This was particularly due to the fact that Spider Man and The Avengers’ characters and worlds are owned by different companies that wouldn’t allow them to interact with each other and make cameos in their respective film. Sony Pictures Entertainment, who owns the Spider-Man world, has produced five films in total, with the first three films starring Tobey Maguire and the last two featuring a total reboot of the franchise starring Andrew Garfield. Elsewhere, The Avengers is owned by Marvel Studios, who has distributed a total of ten films featuring iconic members of The Avengers including Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and others.

During the recent Sony hack, it was revealed that Sony was in talks with Marvel Studios to share custody over Spider-Man and more specifically for him to be integrated through the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a cameo in the upcoming Captain America sequel Civil War. However, as revealed through later reports of the hack, the idea was scrapped, or so people thought. stated in the press release, “Under the deal, the new Spider-Man will first appear in a Marvel film from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). Sony Pictures will thereafter release the next installment of its $4 billion Spider-Man franchise, on July 28, 2017, in a film that will be co-produced by Kevin Feige and his expert team at Marvel and Amy Pascal, who oversaw the franchise launch for the studio 13 years ago. Together, they will collaborate on a new creative direction for the web slinger. Sony Pictures will continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films.”

While some marveled at the news, others were hesitant such as junior Juan Devis, “If it’s the same actor from The Amazing Spider Man, I think the Marvel produced film would be great.” Many fans agree, but other fans, such as junior Leslie Ruiz, would rather the original Spider Man, Tobey Maguire, return to the big screen as the hero. With many mixed responses on  Spider-Man’s union with other Marvel heroes still stringing along, another question has begun to spin in many Marvel fans’ heads: should 20th Century Fox take the same initiative in having their superhero teams, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, join the entire Marvel film universe just like the comics?

The idea for 20th Century Fox itself would be preposterous seeing how X-Men has started the path for comic book film adaptations and has been a financial success for them. Last year’s release of X-Men: Days of Future Past earned $748 million worldwide. The blockbuster hit relaunched the series, erasing the events from the past films, especially X-Men: The Last Stand, due to the filmmakers agreeing The Last Stand was a total creative catastrophe.

Why should 20th Century Fox even consider the idea? Well, for starters, it would benefit them financially with more Marvel fanatics heading to the theaters. Also, as known through the Marvel comic lore itself, Wolverine eventually ditches his own mutant team to join the Avengers. Wolverine portayer Hugh Jackman, in a interview with, expressed high hopes in having Wolverine joining the Avengers team stating, “I would love to see him as part of The Avengers. Because there’s a great dysfunction among that team, and I think Wolverine would fit right into that. He’d like that.”

Devis also remarked how the way that Days of Future Past left its ending with the reboot of the team allows for this merger to happen.

One concern for some Marvel fans is that the “X-Men would clash with The Avengers as they are two completely different superhero teams” as junior Brenda Huerta stated.

Devis is not concerned, saying that with Marvel Studios creative team in hand, “The movies would come out good because of their past recent hits.”

However, 20th Century Fox should consider many factors including the split profit, creative storylines, and of course, the fans’ response. X- Men director Bryan Singer commented on the Marvel dispute stating, “[They’re] very different universes, The appeal is different and to try and do the same thing… this in an ‘inbetweequel’, ok, of two ensemble films, Avengers and the Marvel movies are individual franchises based on major characters that’s why there are some Marvel characters in Avengers that don’t have their own movie, because I don’t know if they had their own movie anyone would be that interested.” With that said, it all comes down to 20th Century Fox’s decision which might not come very soon.