How far is too far?

by Ashkan Ghiassi (Staff Writer) – 3/27/15

A previous school prank that damaged school property
A previous school prank that damaged school property

As both April Fools’ Day and graduation day near, and thoughts of a senior prank begin forming, it is important to remember what constitutes a fun light-hearted prank and what is going too far.

Last year’s senior prank was basically bring your pet to school day. Although the students participating may personally have thought it was a fun idea, the administration didn’t. They told everyone who had brought a pet to take them back home. This should serve as a valuable lesson for this year’s seniors.

No matter how great you may think a prank is, you have to make sure that the administration is okay with it. Otherwise, they will cancel the prank and the day will be for naught. A less crazy prank that actually works is better than a ridiculous prank that gets shut down.

There are a few general guidelines to follow when coming up with ideas for a school prank. First and foremost, you must make sure that the prank is not one in which someone can get hurt. Secondly, it must not cause any damage to property. Thirdly, it must be something temporary that can easily be reversed. It shouldn’t leave a negative mark on the school.

In the past there have been both good and bad school pranks. For example, the mushroom was once painted pink, and then in a later year it was painted yellow with a happy face. This was an innocent, light-hearted prank that caused no damage. Even to this day, when you look up Kennedy High School you can see the big yellow smiley face on the mushroom.

An example of a bad school prank is back in 2011 several students glued the locks and broke off keys in them so that everyone would be locked out of their classes. The students responsible were suspended from graduation. This is an example of a prank that sends the message of getting even with the school rather than giving back to it and setting up a tradition for later generations to try and live up to.

Dr. Chavez has personally stated that he believes Kennedy has lost its great traditions of the past. “When you look at the plaques outside B building you see pride and tradition, but a resentful senior prank doesn’t add any value to the school.”