A new NBC series

by Cynthia Sanchez (Staff Writer) – 10/13/15

Junior Salma Limon anticipating to watch the premiere of Blindspot.
Junior Salma Limon anticipating to watch the premiere of Blindspot.

NBC premiered their new show, Blindspot on September 21, 2015; this show kicked the charts on Monday and received an 8.1/10 by TV.com. Blindspot averaged to about 10. 6 million viewers within the 10’ o’clock hour. 

The show begins with a woman found naked  in a bag in Times Square with no memory. She is covered with mysterious tattoos; this catches the FBI’s attention because each tattoo unlocks clues to a mystery.

Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander), catches supervising agent Kurt Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) attention when they find his name tattooed on her back. Questions arise as to why his name is tattooed on a woman’s body with no recollection as to why it’s there.

According to the Hollywood Reporter,  series creator Martin Gero was excited to do a show like this; he wanted Doe to represent a map and in each episode, a piece of the map is revealed.“For me, what really got me excited to do a show like this is I think it can be a procedural for people who don’t like procedurals, and it can be a character drama for people who don’t like character dramas,” stated Gero.

Sophomore Angela Zarate has been waiting for the premiere to come.“The premiere was not what I expected. I saw the trailers and read articles; there were so many details that were released. Stapleton’s acting skills were pretty good as well; I think they deserve a 6/ 10 rating for the pilot episode.”

Throughout the episode, Doe is continuously investigated by being poked, scanned, and photographed. The FBI runs through tests to help her gain her memory back.

Junior Lucas Gonzalez enjoyed watching the premiere, “There was great acting, Jaimie Alexander introduced her character very well. I love watching mysterious shows, especially when the FBI is involved. I think the premier gave an outstanding overview of what is to come from the show.”

This show deserves a four out of five stars because the acting skills intrigued the audience, however, the show was a bit confusing, with Doe and her memory loss. It was hard for viewers to really understand what was wrong with Doe and why the FBI was involved. As for the actors, they played their parts well, they expressed enough emotion that captured the audience’s attention.

As the show’s season continues to progress, viewers are to expect plot twists, unlock new codes, and reveal the real Jane Doe. This show has impacted NBC’s charts; hopefully they keep it up with the new episodes this fall.