A way to revamp your Halloween Pumpkin

by: Elizabeth Santos (Staff Writer) 10/31/17

This Halloween, change up your carving pumpkins tradition by instead painting and creating pumpkin bats. Halloween has many traditions people love to participate in. Whether it be dressing up as anything but yourself or giving out candy at night, there’s something for everyone. One of the more popular traditions includes carving pumpkins into decorative jack-o-lanterns to be placed outside to show to trick-or-treaters. To those who have tried, it can be difficult to carve into a hard pumpkin and succeed in creating a visually appealing lantern to show off to the visitors. That’s why you don’t have to carve into them; instead, you can decorate them.

Step 1: Look for small pumpkin
A good place to find small pumpkins is at your nearest Vons grocery store; other grocery stores might have these as well. Instead of using big pumpkins, using small pumpkins can still create a nice, small decoration when made in numbers. Plus, they look cuter!

Step 2: Black paint and cut outs

You’ll need one solid color to paint these pumpkins. It can be black or any color you like. Paint the entire pumpkin in 2-3 coats and let it dry. During this stage, you can print out the cut-outs above and start painting them to later glue onto the pumpkin. Be sure to keep the eyes white while the wings are painted black.

Step 3: Glue together
Once everything is dried and looking good, you may proceed to glue the pieces together. Not any glue with work though, but hot glue works just fine. Be sure not to burn yourself! Glue the wings to the side of the pumpkin while spacing it out however you like. The ears should be placed next to the top stem of the pumpkin evenly to align with the crest of the pumpkin.

Step 4: Finishing touches
Once everything is glued together and dried, you may proceed to add finishing touches like white paint to add detail to the wings or even some glitter to provide the pumpkin with more decorations. At the end, you have yourself bat pumpkins!