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By Marina Alvarado (Staff Writer) -7/7/16

Long distance relationships can be hard but love makes them work
Long distance relationships can be hard but love makes them work

As senior activities like prom, graduation, and grad nite pass, seniors that are in relationships become more and more aware of the fact that the number of days they have to spend with their partner is declining; while this can be frightening for some people, there are steps these couples can take to strengthen their relationship.
Not every couple is suited to go long distance. The exact circumstances depend on the couple and their relationship. A thorough conversation about going long distance should be had before plunging into anything, and the conversation should be had well in advance of moving day.
Akin to those shopping for a house, those thinking about going long distance should look at the foundation. A sense of trust and understanding should be the most basic part of the relationship. Absence can make the heart grow fonder, but it can also lead a person to think about things that may not be there. While this is natural, if a couple has a history of jealousy, the distance may only make it worse.
The next thing a couple may want to consider is communication. College, work, and life in general can get in the way of talking. Expecting an immediate response to every text one sends simply isn’t reasonable. Couples may look into setting up a specific time of day to talk on the phone or establish a weekly video chat session.
In 2016, there are many ways someone can contact another person. Apps like Couple, Avocado, and Between were made with long distance couples in mind. Depending on the app, couples can confidentially chat, send pictures, call, send videos, or sketch a picture together. Couple has a unique “thumbkiss” feature that allows a couple to hold their thumb to their phone while their partner does the same. Avocado allows couples to send a quick “thinking of you” message whenever they want. Well known video messaging apps like Skype will let one talk to their partner and see their face, even if they can’t be in the same room.
Couples do not only need to rely on technology to show their affection for their partner. Members can send letters and care packages to their partner through the mail. Handwritten letters can carry an amount of affection that text messages might not be able to. They can be an unexpected surprise to a person’s day.
Vanessa Hernandez, Kennedy alumni, made her long distance relationship work. She is now engaged to her college boyfriend, despite her going to UC Irvine and him going to Cal Poly Pomona.
Hernandez advises couples to “surprise each other,” specifically recounting when “he said he would pick me up the next day and then called me and told me to come outside and he was there.” She also advises people to make time together count, by this she means to plan lots of activities for visits.
While every couple might not be suited to go long distance, every couple should have a conversation about what will happen to their relationship when separating for college.