Why college are not as frequent as students would like them to be

By Gurpreet Grewal (Staff Writer) -3/10/17

Students attending a college field trip
Students attending a college field College field trips and tours are a part of the selection process for students looking for a comfortable environment to study in for the next four to six years. Going to college is a big transition, and students are bound to have plenty of concerns and questions. A college field trip can affect the student’s choice of wanting to attend there.
According to the College Board, “A campus visit allows the student to experience the trip involved to get to the college, the people who are there, and the actual learning environment on campus.”
Many students prefer to feel comfortable in the place they choose to attend. When a student chooses to not physically check out the college that they are going to, they might not get a sense of whether or not it’s the right ‘fit’.
Kennedy college counselor Lorin Abarr expressed, “Many students actually get inspired when they visit a college. They actually get a sense of the general college atmosphere.” It is important to feel comfortable as a member of a community. Even though that college may not be your first choice, you can tell from the visit if you like “this size of school” or “this type of location.”
While school officials will provide one perspective on the college experience at their school, you will also want to hear from current students. Brochures, presentations by college representatives, and guidance counselors can all help to frame an opinion of a school, but a visit allows you to directly see the environment and assess the academics, athletics, and the social life of that college.
Junior Morgen Lakpour claims, “I do believe that there are advantages for going on college field trips, it allows students to experience the actual campus and what classes are offered. Students can always ask questions while on the trip, since the internet may not always answer their questions.”
Tour guides are a huge part of a college field trip. They are the ones that give facts and can answer the student’s questions. The student will gain background information and deeper insight on the college. Senior Neiman De La Fuente goes on college tours in his free time to get a better understanding of the college environments.
De La Fuente explained, “I learned how it feels like to be a part of the community that they have. Without going on the field trip, I wouldn’t have know if it was the right place for me.”
A college field trip may save you a lot of effort and an application fee if you discover, in the end, that the school’s not for you. Either way, clarifying your desires and reasons to attend is major before you apply. Visiting is one more way to get information about the college to help you find the best one for your needs.
Lakpour remarked, “Having an environment that suits one’s character can make a student feel more comfortable and succeed in college, rather than being in environment that contrasts their traits and makes them feel distant feel different.”
Distance and finances are two very understandable reasons for not being able to tour a college. However, students can still reach out to administration and current students online for questions. Students can also call the admissions office of the university for more information. Colleges want to ensure that you have specific knowledge of their courses, professors, and other opportunities.