Coco is a box office hit and there’s no surprise there

by Zyanya Fuentes (Staff Writer) – 12/13/17

Pixar’s new movie, Coco, directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, is box office hit at all theaters in the United States. It is no surprise, as Pixar productions are usually pretty entertaining.
Coco is one of the most colorful movies I’ve ever seen and its plot is rather unique. It is set in the middle of Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican holiday created to remember and honor the dead. The main character, Miguel, has a passion for music that leads him to disregard his family’s ban on music. However, a series of events gets him stuck in the world of the dead, where his great great deceased grandpa must help him get back into the mortal world.
The movie honors Mexican culture. Throughout the movie, the message is clear about the amount of respect for this holiday. It is also portrayed with beautifully colored animations. Besides the animations, the soundtrack set, the mood. The director and writer, Lee Unkrich, consulted with a Mexican musician to try and nail the music, and he also worked with Michael Giacchino, who has worked on previous Pixar films. Nonetheless, the soundtrack really helped establish the mood and setting for the movie, as most of it was mariachi style.
This movie wouldn’t have been as great as it was if it wasn’t for Anthony Gonzalez, the voice of Miguel. His voice allowed this movie to develop in forms unimaginable, and I think it is because his voice just has that accent.
Coco wasn’t just a movie about a boy chasing after his musical career fantasy, it was about the dangers in following your heart. This movie made a statement, and while the idea could have turned into cultural appropriation, Lee Unkrich managed to establish a great plot, mood and tone throughout the movie without having to disrespect the Mexican culture.
Overall, I believe this movie would be granted five stars because it’s animation is absolutely beautiful, the Mexican culture is portrayed in a positive manner, and the plot is one of a kind.