Making College Free

How school tuition can become free for everyone by Sebastian Quezada (Staff Writer) – 11/6/15 With college expenses going up every year, students are beginning to demand a free education for everyone in the country. For most public colleges in the U.S, tuition rates go up about three percent every year, making the average tuition cost $31,231.

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Building Your Own Expectations: Reading The Book After Seeing The Movie

Watching A Movie First Creates Less Expectations by Rey Galvan (Staff Writer) – 11/2/15 For some people, there is always a difficult decision to make when deciding whether to watch a movie based on a book. The question many ponder is: should they read the book first and then watch the movie or vice versa? As a reader, I understand this feeling and struggled with this question. However, watching the movie first and reading the…

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Rebranding Racial Slurs

Can a hateful word change its meaning? by Christian Gonzalez (Staff Writer) – 10/23/15 Rapping, singing, and performing; modern artists often use profanity, especially offensive slurs in their lyrics, leaving us with the question of whether or not the usage of these words can actually become acceptable. Some of these more popular artists include The Weeknd XO, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, and Schoolboy Q.

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