The Truth Misinterpreted

The inconsistencies in Anti-Tobacco Campaigns By Claudia Delgadillo  (Features Editor) -2/27/17 Smokers are being alerted with various advertisements and announcements on television commercials, YouTube ads, social media, and other venues about the negative effects smoke will have on them. However, according to several sources, these advertisements are not giving precise information to their targets. One popular source,, isn’t really living up to its name. These advertisements may be presented today, but sources show that these…

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Latino Population’s Role in the Upcoming Elections

The Latino Population can substantially effect who our next president will be. by Muizz Ullah (Staff Writer) – 3/19/16 The upcoming election is very significant, especially with the open seat in our Supreme Court for the next president to assign. When it comes to who and how our government will be operated, the Latino population can play a major role in this decision.

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Suiting Up Police Dogs

Should police protect dogs with armor? by Sebastian Quezada (Staff Writer) – 3/17/16 Police dogs this year have been dying at a greater rate than in previous years due to heat exhaustion and a lack of body protection. Approximately five police dogs have died in the line of duty by either being stabbed or shot.

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