Distancing the People but not the Feelings

Love is always love By Marina Alvarado (Staff Writer) -7/7/16 As senior activities like prom, graduation, and grad nite pass, seniors that are in relationships become more and more aware of the fact that the number of days they have to spend with their partner is declining; while this can be frightening for some people, there are steps these couples can take to strengthen their relationship. Not every couple is suited to go long distance….

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Le Rêve Salon de Paris Review

A new salon opened in Granada Hills Village Shopping Center by Damaris Galeano (Staff Writer) – 5/19/16 At Le Rêve Salon de Paris in the Granada Hills Shopping Center (18000 Chatsworth St), their goal is to provide their customers the best possible beauty experience. This one stop beauty and relaxation destination has more than just a few amenities for both men and women.

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The Truth Behind Red 40

The food dye found in popular snacks by Toree Fisher (Staff Writer) – 11/6/15 While people satisfy their cravings with many popular foods containing Red 40, also known Allura Red, they are often oblivious to the truth behind the ingredients in these food products. Red 40 is the most common artificial food dye found in many foods that primarily attract children and adolescents.

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