Saying the Truth

 by Rebecca Mejia: My brother, Matias, was diagnosed with autism when he was about six years old. I remember watching him struggle in school and how he acted differently around other people. As a child and even now, he seemed to be like every other boy his age, in my eyes. These days when I tell people that I have an autistic brother, they find it hard to believe because he looks like an average…

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Standing Up to Bullying

 by Christian Lincoln: I’m sure we have all felt the sting of someone’s ill aimed words. Being told you are not good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough is stronger than off putting, it’s degrading. But who will speak up against the abuse? At Kennedy, it’s Biology teacher Jennifer Green and a group of very noble students. Bullying is an omnipresent problem, one that will not be conquered easily, but a covey of dedicated advocates are…

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Stressing Due to Family

  by Elizabeth Perez: Having to mentally pick myself up isn’t easy. I have three tests tomorrow, and I’m completely checked out. I can’t focus; I can’t think straight. I show up at school fighting back tears sometimes because I can’t stop thinking about the things that happened at home the night before. I know I should have been studying, but instead I was doing service in World War 3. Although school is the perfect…

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