Practicing Halloween Religions

by Rebecca Mejia: Halloween and religion have strong ties together based one who celebrates Halloween and who doesn’t. Some people see it as a day to go out and celebrate or a day to lock their doors and stay away from “bad spirits”. Many religions vary on how they see Halloween and what their beliefs are. Wicca is a religion that strongly celebrates Halloween. A fellow Kennedy student who practices these beliefs finds the assumption…

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Increasing Vandalism

by Elizabeth Vazquez: Crime, vandalism and reckless behavior are always a problem around communities, but does the season of Halloween give perpetrators a bigger motive for their actions? While everyone is trick-or-treating and having festive gatherings during Halloween, troublemakers find opportunities to be disruptive. wrote an article on Halloween crime research, stating, “Halloween and drinking go hand-in-hand…” The website did a questionnaire amongst college students. “For college students, dressing in costumes on Halloween is…

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Pop That Culture: Halloween Edition

by Sheena Tadifa: The spooky holiday is coming up, and it’s only a matter of time before you get the opportunity to watch horror film to get yourself in the Halloween mood. And, of course, throughout the film, you’re bound to run into a serial killer, the thrilling reason to watch a horror film. Red and green striped sweater, dark brown fedora and bladed glove… sound familiar? If you thought Freddy Krueger, you’re right. Most…

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