Jessica Jones Review: A Different Type of Hero

Are there limitations of how the format should be for super hero television shows? by Rey Galvan (Staff Writer) – 12/21/15 Netflix added a brand new Marvel Studios television series to its catalog last month. Titled Jessica Jones, the show takes on a dark side with explicit television that many people might or might not be a fan of. Traditionally, Marvel television shows have stayed on the family friendly side in their material while some remain…

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Amplifying the Scene: Second to Last

Profiling the Nor-Cal pop punk trio by Isabel Evangelista (Editor- in – Chief) – 12/20/15 Pop punk trio Second to Last, hailing from Lodi, California, has been touring around the west coast and creating music since 2010. Reminiscent of Simple Plan and Green Day, the band’s heavy riffs and catchy, fast pace can make any flannel loving, pizza eating pop punk fanatic fall head over heels.

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PURPOSE: The Movement – Review

Is Justin’s new album a real game changer, or just a cover-up? by Andrea Ortiz (Staff Writer) – 12/18/15 There’s no doubt Justin Bieber stole the world’s heart back in 2009 with his platinum album My World, where all seven of the songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100, but after years of the Biebs innocent tween stage, his reputation went south; many began to criticize his life decisions and leave him in the dust, until…

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