Are iPhones worth the money or is it just a trend?

by Zainab Laghari (Staff Writer) – 4/28/15

Student preparing to use her iPhone as a tool for classwork
Student preparing to use her iPhone as a tool for classwork

With new technology in this generation many people have grown into using new products, and the seemingly most common technology that some see taking over is iPhones, but are those smart phones really useful or are they just a trend? 

Junior Eddie Cornejo explained that his iPhone has never failed him in any way since it’s his source of entertainment to play games that are offered from the various apps from the apple store and the music he saves on it. Though Cornejo did admit, “iPhones can be better since it’s easy to break the screen; it’s still worth the money if you make it last.”

Cornejo did explain that the iPhone comes in handy for him because of the Maps app that is built in the iPhones. It helps him navigate when he really needs to be helped.

Junior Leslie Avila mentioned that her iPhone also comes in handy when she has to find her way to places. In addition, the Siri feature helps with “a lot of questions on my homework.”

While Avila feels the iPhone’s features are very handy, her half-sister Karla Gonzalez believes that iPhones aren’t worth it. She believes people can get away with any other smartphone that can do just as much.

“I think people buy iPhones because of the popularity, but regardless they’re worth the money because you don’t have to buy an iPod or more products since the iPhone has it all,” explain Avila. She also thinks that new iPhones from Apple aren’t really out to make a better smart phone; they know people will line up for their phones and it’ll make them a lot of money.

A survey done in a classroom of thirty-three kids showed twenty-five had iPhones. Eighteen felt having one isn’t necessary, while fifteen felt it was a must to own one.  The survey conducted shows a little more of half the class believed iPhones should be the only smart phone someone should consider buying, but the other half did believe iPhones but the capability to be one of the best smartphones available in the market.

“I’ve been using smartphones for a couple of years now, and the iPhone is definitely the best one since it’s simpler,” explained junior Ellie Zuniga. “They’re usually bought based off the huge hype over them, but it doesn’t make it a bad phone.”

Many of these students felt as if iPhones have a huge popularity, but it’s not really a trend because many like Avila and Cornejo see it to be very useful if it’s to get by the day or to help someone with many things. Yes, it’s not a must-have according to a handful of students, but they still see it as the Apple Company did really earn the money they made from iPhones.