Test cramping with California tests and regular high school tests

by Maranda Bernal (Staff Writer) – 3/11/15

Denise Gonzalez stressing over her regular class tests and California tests
                                                    Denise Gonzalez stressing over her regular class tests and California tests

As students are preparing for California testing (CAHSEE, SAT, Smarter Balance Summative, etc.) and their regular day-to-day testing, some find themselves overwhelmed with the workload.

Junior Denise Gonzalez stated, “I have two AP classes: Spanish Literature and English, and I have other classes to worry about; sometimes I have tests and quizzes all in a row.” She’s not alone though. Freshman Jazmin Gonzalez agrees with Denise as she explained that she has to study at least a couple of hours for each subject. In addition to their normal classes, Denise is preparing herself for the SAT that she can sign up for in late February, and Jazmin is prepping for other state tests as well.

Other students like junior Melissa Uyuni are studying for the SAT, which she is nervous about. However, Uyuni and Denise have a plan: they both have vowed to not procrastinate, to focus, and to stay on top of things. Sophomore Bryan Lopez and senior Celia Tellez both concur. They have a schedule to manage and to stick to if they want to accomplish their goals.

The schedule for testing starts with the California Fitness Test carrying from the beginning of February into March 27, along with the CAHSEE (English portion) on February 3 and the math portion on February 4 for Non-Grads and seniors, not to mention the loaded months of March and April with EAP, EAP Essays, CAPA, CST, CMA, and so on.

If students had the option to rearrange the schedule, many would take it. Denise explained, “I would change the testing days to the middle of the week-Wednesday, not Friday, because tests usually take place on a Friday-and leave a decent amount of homework tied in to what we learned that day.” Jazmin added that she wouldn’t mind a few open-book tests to balance out her difficult and not so difficult tests. However, Lopez and Tellez hope for a different approach.

Lopez told of how teachers should “at least try to know what the other teachers are doing to see when they have tests so they’re not overlapping.” Tellez hopes that peers will band together to use each other’s help.

Uyuni, along with Denise and Tellez, feels that everybody else is handling it “the same: they’re stressed out.” Jazmin and Lopez notice the stress that others are feeling, but they also notice that time management is an issue. Lopez has an answer though.

Going into the future of senior year, he believes that it will be “fun and not stressful as long as I get my things done now and take all the opportunities given to me.”

Jazmin, Denise, and Uyuni look forward to the future of being John F. Kennedy seniors and to make the best of it. As for senior Celia, she knows that college will not be a breeze, but she is willing to take the next step.