The complications behind Prom Fashion Show Meets Mr. Kennedy and how they were able to overcome them

By Coleen Guillermo (Lifestyle Editor) -03/2/17

A rack full of dresses and outfits
A rack full of dresses and outfits for the show

The Prom Fashion Show has been an ongoing event for numerous years now and has been a way for juniors and seniors to get ideas for their prom attire. The show will held on February 24 in the school’s little theater from 6-8:30. Senior Council is using this event to introduce Mr. Kennedy, a talent show for the Kennedy men, so boys could be more involved in the event, thus letting them model more and get the chance to show off their talents.
Senior Council started off by conducting auditions to choose the models. Girls had to bring heels they were comfortable walking in and strut their catwalk. Both boys and girls were advised to pose for each time they met a marked “x” on the ground, since this will be similar to the way the models will be walking when they do their runway.
“It was a really quick audition. We all had to line up inside the indoor dining room; and then they would instruct us to walk. We had to strut and pose and even vogue in a triangle. They also played music during the audition so it was easier to walk and get us in the zone. I really liked voguing, that was my favorite part.,” stated senior Angel Martinez, a Mr. Kennedy model.
Martinez is also excited to show his talent since the boys have to perform one of their choice.
All male models who are participating will have to do the talent portion of it so they can be a part of judging. Judging is based on talent and walk, and will be judged by co-sponsor Jacinto Garcia. He pitched the idea to the council because he was a former male model for his high school and thought it would be fun to include it since it would be different.
Senior council is working hard to make this fashion show a great one because it is their first time including boys in the show as Mr. Kennedy models, and also because they got to tweak things from prior shows. In previous years, they had set companies where they would get their dresses and where the girls would get their makeup done, but those companies recently went out of business making it a little harder for them to get dresses for the models. So senior council took it upon themselves to bring in dresses of their own; dresses were either donated by alumnus from their prom or girls from the council who had some to bring.
Senior Nicole Viera stated, “Last year was my first time modeling for the show, and I had so much fun. I can not wait for this year because it will be my last, and I know it will be just as much fun.” She further explained that the change will be a bit weird for her because people did their hair and makeup the previous year.
Prom Fashion Show 2017 will definitely be one for the books because there a few changes that council fixed and added. Each year they will try to make it different so it can be special each time.