Finding the right cosmetology school

By: Brisa Jeronimo

Many local makeup studios offer classes, seminars or certifications as a makeup artist or eyelash tech. Some of these makeup studios prices are economical or a little too expensive; it all depends on what studio you go to and who the instructor is. According to many reviews on Yelp, people seem to be more interested in three main local makeup studios in the San Fernando Valley.

One of them is Lilit’s Makeup Studio, created and owned by Lilit Caradanian. It started off as a small boutique space, but it has transformed into a successful studio and school in the heart of Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. Cardandian created the studio to expand her clientele and teachings. The studio then became a huge hit over the years, and she started her own brand called “Elcie” that is only sold at her studio.

The studio offers many options like makeup, hair, nails or eyelash appointments. It also offers makeup master courses and eyelash lift classes as well. The most popular course that people buy is called the “Makeup master course.” It’s a one-week course taught by a professional. A full kit and certificate are included, and the price for this course is $2,500 and the age need is 18 years old and over. For the Lash Lift class, you will get a certificate and lash lift starter kit and a course handbook. The class will be one on one; the instructor would be Enspira Beauty, and the value of this class is worth $950.

  Maquillage is another makeup studio in Chatsworth. It’s now known for their school that offers makeup and lash courses and seminars and one-on-one training. According to a Yelp review, it’s “Such an amazing school! I was a student for Elizabeth Seropian’s class and it was so much fun and everyone made me feel so welcomed,” explained Ani H. The school offers many courses, but the most popular one is their lash course. The course includes being taught by a professional lash tech and a deluxe Mink lash kit with a handbook included.

The cost of the lash course is $1,500 and the instructor gives their student the opportunity to choose their schedule. Another popular course is their four-day master pro course taught by Elo Jello, a social media influencer. Jello offers her course twice a year, and the value of the four-day master pro course is $4,000 to  $5,000. On the website, it explains why both prices are different. The $4,000 course includes sponsor products, meaning Jello the instructor adds sponsor products that she receives from other makeup companies. The $5,000 course includes hand-picked products, meaning the person who bought this course will handpick the products they want for their goodie bag.

Vanity Makeup Studio, located in Pasadena, was created by Ani Goulayan. Vanity Makeup is a well-known salon on Yelp that has many reviews like the others. The only difference is this studio offers a four-day course from Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm. The cost of this four-day course is $2,500, and the kit included is a $1,400 value. Vanity Makeup Studio also has a 3-week master course from Monday through Saturday, from 6 pm to 10 pm. The full kit included is worth more than $1,400 and to be able to get certified as a makeup artist, 48 hours must be done to receive the certificate.

The three makeup studios are all well-known with a great reputation and great reviews recommending to enroll in their school or to attend to their salon. According to a senior Jaelin Perez, who wants to learn and succeed as an eyelash tech, “I want to pursue that career as a side job while I’m in college studying for my major, but I do plan on getting certified at Lilit’s makeup studio.”

So if you find cosmetology a potential career pathway or it’s something you pursue as a  hobby and want to expand your skills, then these three makeup studios are well recommended to you by others who experienced or worked in the salons.