This year’s showcased projects

by David Sanchez (Staff Writer) – 5/13/15

Sophomore Jesselyn Garcia enjoying student work
Sophomore Jesselyn Garcia enjoying student work

Kennedy students presented their own innovative projects in Kennedy’s annual CTE Expo, taking place on Saturday April 25 from 6PM to 7PM. Many students, teachers, and parents are anticipating the new projects that will be presented this year.

The Career Technology Education Exposition, hosted by the industrial management class, was a way for the hardworking students on the campus to show off their projects in uncommon and different fields such as engineering, metalworking, and woodworking.

In addition to having an expo, there was a college fair, parents, many businesses, and an In-N-Out food truck selling burgers. For the students interested in the medical field, Providence Holy Cross representatives were there handing out volunteer application forms.

Most of the students who contributed to the expo are in the magnet program’s various departments. All students were able to submit their art or projects, but the projects presented there were mainly from the magnet students. Students were able to submit as many projects as Apprecthey desired to the expo.

There were many different types of art including water color paintings, sketches, ceramic pots, and magazine covers.

Viviana Gonzalez, architecture magnet student and varsity softball player, said, “I displayed a Johnny Rockets model I made in the ninth grade with my partner Bailey Ligan.” There were also various models of buildings and other establishments on display at the architecture table.

Aaron Kahlenberg, the architecture and industrial management teacher, commented, “I recommend for people going to the expo to see the award-winning documentary by Efren Lopez and Kurt Solano, the arctic monkey tour bus model by Rita Midourian, and the tractor displayed by San Fernando High School.”

The automotive shop in San Fernando High School restored an old tractor. San Fernando High School sold it, but the tractor made an appearance at the expo before going to the new owner.

Junior and digital design magnet student Eddy Rangel remarked, “I’m curious about who is going to win. I spent a lot of time on my project, and I hope to get something out of it at the end.”

As for students who submitted their projects, a few teachers determined the first, second, and third place winners. Rita Midourian, junior and architecture magnet student, explained, “Winning a place doesn’t give any prize other than a ribbon, but it pushes the students to continue their diligent work.” Nikolas Kupczyk won first place at the expo and commented, “I believe that my hard work and effort on my Dio tour bus let me win first place. I like how students are getting praised for their work.”

The CTE Expo is designed for all students to showcase their paintings, architecture projects, and digital images like a gallery would. It will be held in the big gym because it was held there the year before, and it will most likely be held there every year that follows.

The drop off date for the projects was April 13-16 in the architecture room S106. Some teachers submitted their students’ projects for the students because they have confidence in their students and are proud of their work.