Exploring the sound of a local alternative indie band

by Isabel Evangelista (Editor in Chief) – 2/10/16

Vocalist Josh Rossi as he sings on stage at White Oak Music and Arts
Vocalist Josh Rossi as he sings on stage at White Oak Music and Arts

Los Angeles natives the Aeons display their interesting blend of indie and alternative rock with the classic mantra of sex, drugs, and rock and roll bleeding through their music.

At first sight, it was surprising to see so many people sharing one stage. With a sextet composed of keyboards and a violin alongside the usual guitars, bass, and drums, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of their set. Their first song began very softly, and within seconds I was hit with the most interesting and unique music I’ve heard in a while.

Vocalist Josh Rossi has a voice that reminds me of Julian Casablancas, while the rest of the band creates a sound similar to Interpol. It was entertaining to see how they integrated the violin within their set and how well they all coordinated on stage.

The Aeons have music that’s really fun and upbeat, and those colors truly shined through when members of the crowd danced along to their music. Their set was very smooth, with their most memorable and enjoyable song being “Rhumba.”

“Rhumba” is a great track that knows how to mix change of tempos really well. What I really liked about it was how they made sure that the bass track stood out, which doesn’t happen very often with most music unless you listen really closely for it. The six minute track is enjoyable from start to finish with not a single dull moment.

Their lyrics mostly share the concept of unrequited love, either between the singer towards the other person or vice versa. In “Rhumba,” Rossi sings, “When she played around and abandoned me,/ That youthful love, it died in me/ Trusting love, true and sweet,/ That playful love, it died in me.”

However, most of the band’s music is acoustic when accessing their bandcamp, but they truly shine when they’re on stage. With a full band, The Aeons show their full potential as they recreate what they initially made with one instrument and improve upon it.

Though the band’s shows are scarce, they’re worth making the trip for. The Aeons are an interesting group of musicians that should be seen at least once when they come around. You can check out their music on BandCamp and SoundCloud and follow them on Instagram for more news on when they’ll be making another appearance in the valley.