Profiling the Nor-Cal pop punk trio

by Isabel Evangelista (Editor- in – Chief) – 12/20/15

Second to Last while performing a set at the White Oak Music and Arts
Second to Last while performing a set at the White Oak Music and Arts

Pop punk trio Second to Last, hailing from Lodi, California, has been touring around the west coast and creating music since 2010. Reminiscent of Simple Plan and Green Day, the band’s heavy riffs and catchy, fast pace can make any flannel loving, pizza eating pop punk fanatic fall head over heels.

Soon after they played their last show in late November, Second to Last announced that there would be new music in the making as the new year arrives. In early December, the band released a two-track EP consisting of old, unreleased tracks on Bandcamp entitled Bedroom Broadcast for a “pay what you want” price, containing “Dead” and “Bedroom Broadcast.” With a seven minute EP, the band kept it short and sweet, packing a punch as soon as they strike the first chord in “Dead.” The drums make both tracks especially fun to hear because they are so full of energy.

Kennedy senior Joseph Martinez claims Second to Last as his “favorite local band.” Some must-hear tracks from the band include “Blaze,” “Your Couch,” and my personal favorite, “Radiation.”

“Their sound and their lyrics really drew me in…The songwriting is really well done. Everything is cohesive and nothing is muddy. It’s really easy to tell what’s going on in each track, which makes for easy listening and enjoyment,” Martinez explains.

From their EP Nobody Cares, “Blaze” starts off with a smooth intro and a great bass track. “Blaze is relatable and insanely catchy,” Martinez raves. The song gets even better as it slowly picks up its pace, making it more enjoyable as each second passes. “Blaze” has sharp lyrics, with the most outstanding one being “Get me out of this cell, get me to the city streets/ To me it feels like hell, a fitting home for me.”

“Radiation,” another track off of Nobody Cares, is noteworthy for its heavy riffs, clever verses, and memorable chorus, stating “I’ll sleep it off with the ghosts and spiders/ Toss and turn, I started a fire/ How and why did I let you in?/ Burning me alive, radiation.”

“Your Couch” is a fun song from start to finish that reminds me of All Time Low when they released So Wrong, It’s Right. With it’s easy-going tune, “Your Couch” is a prime example of catchy pop punk originating from the early 2000’s.  “[The] melody is something that gets stuck in your head really easily,” Martinez recalls. Second to Last recently released a music video for the Open House single earlier this month, using footage of their performances during their recent tour around the west coast.

Second to Last is a fun pop punk band with a lot of energy, and they’re definitely a must-see act to catch when they’re around. The band plans to begin touring the east coast January of next year and will stop by the valley during their west coast tour on February 7th at the White Oak Music and Arts.