Longevity of Pokemon Go

By: Ricardo Hernandez

Catching pokemon in real life has been the dream of many, and Pokemon GO has brought that dream closer than any other game has, making the player walk around and catch pokemon on their phone. Although the launch of the app wasn’t as successful as many had wanted due it to having connection issues and leaving players for the want of other generations of pokemon. its sole intention was to make the players active while having an exciting adventure with their friends catching monsters and battling gyms.

 As exciting as it was to battle gyms with friends, most players have gotten enjoyment by fighting legendary pokemon and catching their favorites. Junior Danny Ramos explained “[that] when raids came out, it brought me more entertainment and play time to the game.”

The app had also introduced IV’s, which is how perfect the pokemon is on a 100% scale. This has brought more game play to the game by creating competition between players worldwide on getting a close to perfect pokemon in the app.

 Niantic, the developer of the app, has brought trades, raids, and lucky pokemon/lucky friends. It has given players a reason to play again in order to get lucky pokemon, which are pokemon with high IV’s.

Junior Kenny Robles explained, “the community days in Pokemon GO are reasons why I want to play the app even more.”

Community days in Pokemon GO are events in game where there’s a better chance of a rare or region exclusive pokemon to spawn in the wild. It brought many Youtubers to make videos of hunting shiny pokemon during the events. Shiny pokemon are different colored pokemon that are super rare in the game, except when community day events come out giving players a higher chance to catch specific ones.

 Pokemon GO has been gaining popularity since its downward slope in 2018 and has made many improvements to the game since it has released. Junior Sebastian Zavaleta explained, “I’ve never been a fan of the game because of the content, but the new updates that they’ve come out with has brought me back in.”

 It has come to a rocky start but the game can go for more years if Niantic brings out updates that appeal to their audience. The longevity of the app can surpass many known apps but only the community and updates can decide how long the game last.