The Peshawar school shooting in which 130 people were killed

by Hashir Imran (Staff Writer) – 2/26/15

                                                                                Representation of kids killed in shooting

In the city of Peshawar in Pakistan, during mid-December, an awful shooting by the Taliban took place at a military school auditorium. The shooting killed a total of 145 people, mostly kids from the ages of 12-16, as well as ten teachers, including the school principal who was burned alive, and three military soldiers. Some people believe that this was more than just an attack on the country’s people; they believe that it was an attack on the country’s future.

Pakistanis believe that this attack on their country was both a physical attack and a psychological one that will haunt the country for years to come.

The Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said, “I have decided to proceed to Peshawar, and I will supervise the operation myself. These are my children, and it is my loss.” Many candle lightings took place for the victims of the attack in places like London, New York, and even in downtown Los Angeles.

Kennedy Pakistani student Sahir Yousef believes that this assault was an attack on the future of the country; he thought that this shooting was an attack to discourage the education of students who would build the country’s future. He claimed, “The moment I heard of this event it really broke my heart to see these innocent students and staff be killed by this evil terrorist group to stop the country’s growth.”

Another Pakistani student, Syed Junaid, assumes that the reason of this attack was to get back at the Pakistani army. Witnesses of the attack say that at the school were a father and daughter (around the age of five). As the attack happened, the father had his daughter sitting on his lap, and as the terrorists went by, they shot the daughter in the forehead and the father was shot in the stomach and later died in a hospital. suggests that a 14-year-old student survivor named Ahmed Faraz recalls one of the terrorists saying, “A lot of the children are under the benches, kill them.” This truly shows that this attack was put forward to the students who were this country’s destiny.

Pakistani-American Ajlan Kazi said, “How do you go around a school killing around 135 small, innocent students? Killing these many people all at once is truly insane and to do this you have to be out of your mind.” He remarked that as a parent there can’t be a more devastating and dreadful feeling and shock finding out that their kids were killed in school due to a terrorist attack. “There are now 130 plus parents roaming the city who are left in the sorrow of the loss of their children rather than in the company of their youngsters,” he concluded.

During the attack a rescue operation was put into action by the Pakistan Army’s special services group. Seven culprits were killed and 960 people were rescued. The Pakistan army chief military spokesman, major general Asim Bajwa, said in a press conference that at least 130 people had been injured in the attack. This was the deadliest threat to ever occur in Pakistan.

After the horrible news hit the hearts of all Pakistanis, the media strongly reacted with major newspaper reports and continuous talks about this attack on all Pakistani news channels. There were many protests that took place in Pakistan.