The Queen Mary Harbour experience

By: Angie Murillo (Arts & Living Editor)

The Queen Mary Dark Harbor is one spooky attraction that arrives near the end of September throughout the beginning of November. There are a total of six mazes in the attraction, a variety of food stands including, and one ride. It also includes small shows that happen randomly.

Depending on what time you arrive to attend the attraction, there could be a long line so you could enter. The lines in general were a mess to get through as there were three different lines to get through. The lines were separated from general admission, fast fright, and evil express. Once you show your tickets, you get in another line to get a band; thankfully that line doesn’t take as long as the first line.

When it came to the mazes, they also had three different lines to go through. If you had general admission it would be a longer wait, if you had fast fright it would be like a fast pass, and as for evil express it works as a faster fast pass. Depending on which one you have, you can either wait there for sixty minutes or quickly pass by. Having evil express has its benefits where you can go to one maze for any amount of times you want.

The food there is nothing to die for. It’s basic carnival food, greasy and with huge portions. The prices seem fair due the portions that are served.

The atmosphere is definitely built up, and it also has some backstories for a few characters; some of those are included in the maze while others do a show. The mazes include interesting aspects like crawling through a tunnel,  doing a small obstacle course, and going through a mirror maze to name a few. This really amps up the paranoia and the suspense of going through the mazes which can contribute to the spooky factor.

Queen Mary Dark Harbor is a wonderful experience, especially to get into the halloween spirit, it has many fun attractions and mediocre food stands. The attraction receives four pumpkins out of five.