How we as students and teachers can save the Earth one step at a time

Earth Day comes and goes each and every year, but appreciating and helping the planet shouldn’t just be a one day duty. Here are ways we as students can make a difference in our day to day lives.

We spend a good amount of our day, our life, here at school and any effort made towards going green can go a long way by the time we go on summer break. There’s so much we as students and teachers can do to create a healthy environment.

Principal Richard Chavez has commented that he is aware of Kennedy’s lack of involvement in the cause. He is open to any ideas students and teachers decide to propose, as Chavez wants to take it one step at a time toward a more green school.

Although Kennedy has incorporated various chromebooks for classroom use, the use of paper and notebooks in the classroom is still at a high amount. It is only smart to reduce the use of all paper to save the trees. We should make it a duty to encourage teachers to go 100% online when we work on assignments, homework, etc. An alternative option would be to place bins in each classroom dedicated to paper recycling.

Another simple way to go green is by carpooling more. If there are a couple of friends who live nearby, why not carpool and reduce the amount of traffic? Less traffic and less cars on the road helps decrease the amount of air pollution made by all the carbon and gases these vehicles release.

Kennedy serves a large portion of students lunch, and the food is served in handfuls of plastic containers and paper trays creating unnecessary waste. The best option for us as students would be to take a couple extra minutes in the morning to pack our own lunch using reusable containers. Creating a plan for the district to provide biodegradable containers and trays would also be of great benefit.

Alongside making our meals greener, we can make our drinks greener as well. Water bottle filler stations would not only reduce the amount of plastic accumulated when students buy water instead of refilling, but it can influence students to drink more water. There’s different ways we can help encourage school staff to incorporate these stations around school from fundraising to joining the PTSA and proposing the idea of these filler stations.

In the late 1960s, founder of Earth Day Gaylord Nelson was moved by the large oil spill that occurred in Santa Barbara to make a change and bring the environmental issues onto the platform of political agenda. He created a team and on April 22nd of 1970, millions of Americans stormed the streets protesting against issues such as polluting factories, oil spills, and extension of wildlife.

A little goes a long way and there’s so many ways we as students can make the world greener by starting right here, right now, at school.