Katy Perry “Roars” about her new album PRISM released on October 22, 2013, following the Grammy nominated album Teenage Dream. During the first week of release, Perry’s 1st single made it to the top Hot 100, making it her 8th single to top the charts. Selling 557,024 video downloads in the first week of release, she also achieved the biggest digital song sales week of 2013. As of now,” Roar” is selling thousands of copies alone.
Perry’s single expresses how after so long she is finally standing up for herself. It shows her fans how even as a pop superstar, she still goes through everyday things, the same as anyone else. For example, “Roar’s” video also accompanies the song as Perry is in a jungle with a man that held her down and she says, “I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath, scared to rock the boat and make a mess, so I sat quietly, agreed politely.”  As he disappears, Perry then begins to stand up for herself and compares herself to the different animals in the jungle. This single has encouraged teens around the world as they also sent in videos and stories about how they to have had similar situations according to Perry’s single. For example, Colorado’s Lakewood High School was the winners of Katy Perry’s High school takeover contest as they
made a change in their school about bullying.
Roar was filmed in Junglescope, which allowed Perry to bring in real life animals and work with them during her making of “Roar”. Almost each animal had a specific representation for being in Perry’s music video. Perry’s video was filmed in a bright, beautiful place that made it feel as if she was in an actual jungle. The video began as a cartoon which made it seem that everything she was going through was a dream. As the video continues, it turns out that Perry was not dreaming about what she could have actually done; it turns out to be reality.
Although there are many in love with “Roar,” there are a couple of people who did not love her single. PETA states how they are not great fans of the fact that Perry used actual animals in her video; they believe this is animal cruelty and did not like that aspect of Perry’s music video. Besides the negative thoughts that came from PETA, there are still many fans that look up to “Roar.” Katy Perry still has much support from her fans all over the United States and the UK.

Katy Perry is a world-wide known pop star who is loved by many all over the world, teens and adults. No matter any negative reviews of her new single her majority fans will always rule and keep Perry’s hits on the Hot 100 charts. Including all her other hits like, “Firework”, “E.T”, “Last Friday Night” and “Part of Me”.
Overall, Perry’s “Roar” has a unique message to her listeners about not allowing anyone step all over yourself.  She is giving her fans something to rave about, as she continues to release hot singles.

Overall Rating: 9/10