by: Viviana Avila

Many students have met new English teacher Ann Walker without knowing all the unique experiences and accomplishments she has lived through in the last couple of years.

Mrs. Walker is a Kennedy High School graduate who expresses her years here as “totally awesome!!” “I was a rebellious student in high school, but I also was very smart because I looked out for my future.” Mrs. Walker also elaborated that she came from a very violent household and doing well in school seemed to be my escape because it would allow me to have a better future.” She also explained that she truly enjoyed her stay here at Kennedy because of all the great teachers that pushed her to do her best.

During her senior year of high school, Mrs. Walker felt confident that her good G.P.A of 3.96 and fairly good SAT score would get her in the University of California Santa Barbara, which was where she originally thought she would end up attending . After much review of her choices for college, New York University offered Mrs. Walker a great opportunity to attend their campus, making the choice even harder.

“When I got their offer I didn’t really think much of it because my mind had been made up my whole life that I would go to UCSB.” She added, “When the opportunity came up to go live in such an amazing city like New York, I couldn’t give that up and decided to venture and go.”

Another “decisive factor” in her choice of going to NYU was that fact that the cost of NYU would be very low due to all the great financial aid she received from the school. She commented “If it wasn’t for the great financial aid package I received, New York would have been way too expensive for me, but they offered to pay two-thirds of my tuition and the other one-third my parents and grandparents offered to pay; leaving me with a balance of zero.” She also added that her stay in New York was an amazing experience that she wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

During her stay in New York Mrs. Walker described her life there as “very fast paced and exciting”. She mentioned that while she was staying in that “marvelous city” she learned that New Yorkers lived “a different fast paced life compared to Californians”. “When I arrived I instantly recognized that New Yorkers even walked at a faster pace than people in California.” Mrs. Walker also added that “people were very busy all the time” but she described her stay there as rather “dull the first semester or two”. Mrs. Walker didn’t really have a chance to socialize stating that she would rather “stay in and study or rest.” “Life in New York is extremely expensive so I decided that on the rare free time I had, instead of socializing I would look for a job.” She went to a NYU Job Expo where she “fell” into place in a journalism job working as a layout designer. Mrs. Walker commented that “time working in the newspaper was very fun although it did get hectic at times but I managed to juggle school and this job to earn some spending money.” “I also enjoyed the fact of working in the newspaper because I previously didn’t know anyone but this newspaper introduced me into a brand new group of friends to me.” Other small details she revealed included how her favorite store located in the heart on New York was KMART and her favorite place to grab a quick meal was a local deli.

After living in New York, Mrs. Walker said she “gained many life experiences that only the big city would teach.” She quickly received her degree from New York University in an astonishing time period of three years and a half. Later Mrs. Walker decided to come back to California and ended up landing a teaching position at Kennedy High School last year where she describes her stay here as exciting because I see kids that actually care for their future as much or more then what I cared for mine when I was sitting there in my high school years.”