2016 Boys Volleyball Comeback

How the boys volleyball season will turn out by Coleen Guillermo (Staff Writer) – 2/16/15 For the past two years the boys volleyball team has had four temporary coaches for junior varsity and varsity, and they hope to finally  have a permanent coach. This season they have a new trainer that has the same hopes the previous coaches had, the aspiration to be the number one team in the division. John Maluyo, physical education coach and newest…

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Where do Women Belong in Football?

A look at what Kathryn Smith’s promotion means for women in football by Marina Alvarado (Online Editor) – 2/15/16 Kathryn Smith has been hired as the first full-time female assistant coach for the NFL. After 50 Super Bowls played and 96 years of being established as a league, a vital question still remains: why has it taken the NFL so long to hire a female coach?

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Promoting Ignorance through Society’s Looking Glass

How celebrities take their power to inconsiderate extremes by Marisa Lopez (Entertainment Editor) – 2/13/16 There is no doubt that today’s society of young adults and children are heavily influenced by social media and what’s going on with all of our local celebrities. And sometimes that can be a really cool and great thing when these starlets use their platforms as spotlights for good deeds and causes that benefit their fans and the community, but…

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