How the boys volleyball season will turn out

by Coleen Guillermo (Staff Writer) – 2/16/15

Boys volleyball conditioning away to become victorious
Boys volleyball conditioning away to become victorious

For the past two years the boys volleyball team has had four temporary coaches for junior varsity and varsity, and they hope to finally  have a permanent coach. This season they have a new trainer that has the same hopes the previous coaches had, the aspiration to be the number one team in the division. John Maluyo, physical education coach and newest varsity volleyball coach, is dedicated to making JV and varsity the best teams they can be by working with new players and a few returning players.  

With season starting on February 25, Maluyo practices with his players everyday from period six to four o’clock in the afternoon with the help of English teacher Duncan Scrymgeour and Mauricio Ramirez, helper of the dean’s office.

Coach Maluyo’s goal for this season and the upcoming seasons is for both his JV and varsity players to play every game with dedication and hard work. “Having fun with the game but also putting in your everything feels good at the end.”

As for conditioning, Maluyo has definite plans. “Our practice consists of working on the basics, working on their jumps, and working on their best positions. Conditioning is also a huge part of practice; we like to condition our players because a game can last up to 5 sets and that can really get them tired if they don’t condition enough. They run 10 laps on the blacktop, 10 push ups whenever they mess up, and 25 burpees everyday.” Maluyo speaks for the Scrymgeour and Mauricio as they all share the same thoughts with how conditioning is helpful for them.

Though he’s new, Maluyo states he doesn’t play favorites, and that playing favorites is something that his old coach did when he was young, so it is something that he despises. He plans to recover from “last season’s disaster, 10 losses” into a learning based season.

“I’m barely getting to know my kids on the team and it has been great so far. When it comes to discipline, I am not the type to yell at them. But when they make a mistake, they workout.”

Maluyo will try his hardest to make the team reach their potential to win all of the games this spring season. “Talk is cheap, but I want people to know that the product we put out on the court is personality and teamwork. Kennedy’s volleyball is alive and well.” Losing is a learning experience for them, but it will give them a chance to figure out what they did wrong and fix it.