PURPOSE: The Movement – Review

Is Justin’s new album a real game changer, or just a cover-up? by Andrea Ortiz (Staff Writer) – 12/18/15 There’s no doubt Justin Bieber stole the world’s heart back in 2009 with his platinum album My World, where all seven of the songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100, but after years of the Biebs innocent tween stage, his reputation went south; many began to criticize his life decisions and leave him in the dust, until…

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: College Applications

The little joys that are given to seniors, when applying to colleges by Zainab Laghari (Staff Writer) – 12/14/15 The best time of the year is when November is filled with the excitement from college applications. There is so much going on where we tend to forget the holidays that are coming around nothing feels better than the “little joys” one gets from applications.  

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