Amplifying the Scene: Animal Friend

Looking into their latest EP release by Isabel Evangelista (Editor in Chief) – 11/4/15 Animal Friend, a local band from Santa Clarita, released their debut EP, Trails, on September 4th in order to display their potential as a progressive hardcore band in the local music scene. They also held a show to commemorate the release of their EP the day that it was released, handing out physical copies of the EP to the first 100 attendees.

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How to Have Healthy Hair

Tips for attaining luxurious locks by Vanessa Perez (Special Features Editor) – 11/3/15 In a time where straightening and curling hair every day is the norm, split ends and dead hair have become a major problem for girls everywhere. But you shouldn’t have to stop your routine to achieve healthy and soft hair. It all depends on the type of products you use and how you treat your hair before adding heat.

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Building Your Own Expectations: Reading The Book After Seeing The Movie

Watching A Movie First Creates Less Expectations by Rey Galvan (Staff Writer) – 11/2/15 For some people, there is always a difficult decision to make when deciding whether to watch a movie based on a book. The question many ponder is: should they read the book first and then watch the movie or vice versa? As a reader, I understand this feeling and struggled with this question. However, watching the movie first and reading the…

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