Test Taking on Paper vs. Online

Is test taking online better than test taking on paper? by Toree Fisher (Staff Writer) – 5/14/15 A student’s performance on online tests in schools depends on various aspects such as the familiarity of technology, the complications that may follow, etc; whereas on paper-based tests, there are fewer disadvantages.

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Stepping up Technology

Technology advancements that would improve Kennedy by Valeria Torres  (Staff Writer) – 5/14/15 Advancing towards the future is advancing in technology. As recommended by WASC, investment in technology advancements at Kennedy are much needed to accommodate to the needs of the students and improve the overall school’s academic performance.

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Encouraging Young Adults to Promote Mental Wellness

Third year film students enter a contest to help prevent suicide and aid those who are struggling by Hazel Grion (Staff Writer) – 5/14/15 Every year Aaron Lemos enrolls his senior class to the “Directing Change Student Film” contest this year; twelve out of seventeen of his students received an honorable mention, including two pairs who won for “Best Cinematography” and “Best Screenplay.”

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