The NBA Playoffs Saga

What to expect from the upcoming NBA playoffs by Hashir Imran (Staff Writer) – 4/28/15 As late April and early May approaches, the NBA playoffs are taking place, as 16 teams who have qualified for the post season will battle it out for a shot to win the league title.

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Benefiting from Smart Phones (Or Not)

Are iPhones worth the money or is it just a trend? by Zainab Laghari (Staff Writer) – 4/28/15 With new technology in this generation many people have grown into using new products, and the seemingly most common technology that some see taking over is iPhones, but are those smart phones really useful or are they just a trend? 

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An EP-ic Performance

Reviewing At Our Expense’s recent EP release and residency by Isabel Evangelista (Staff Writer) – 4/23/15 To showcase their love for music, local band At Our Expense hosted a month long residency at the White Oak Music and Arts, consisting of weekly performances every Sunday for the month of February, with their concluding show commemorating the release of their new EP, Awake.

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