Being Stressed by Tests

Test cramping with California tests and regular high school tests by Maranda Bernal (Staff Writer) – 3/11/15 As students are preparing for California testing (CAHSEE, SAT, Smarter Balance Summative, etc.) and their regular day-to-day testing, some find themselves overwhelmed with the workload.

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Inspecting Kennedy High School

Kennedy must prepare and train to be qualified for WASC’s visit by Valeria Torres (Staff Writer) – 3/11/15 The Western Association of Schools and Colleges, also known as WASC, is expected to visit John F. Kennedy High School on Sunday, April 12, 2015; therefore the school must undergo training and preparation.

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Losing the Miss Universe Pageant

What is the controversy surrounding Miss Jamaica’s loss? by Kyla Bryant (Staff Writer) – 3/4/15 In a competition that encourages women from all over the world to come together in one room and showcase their diversity, how does the “most unique” contestant go from being favored to win to coming in as 4th runner up?

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