Little White Laws

Outdated laws that no longer serve a valid purpose by Ashkan Ghiassi (Staff Writer) – 2/27/15 The legislative process is one that often regulates so many parts of a person’s life that it can become impossible to keep up with every single law.

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Preparing for the California Fitness Test

What are the expectations for students to pass the fitness test? by Juan Canela (Staff Writer) – 2/24/15 The state of California is currently enforcing all fifth, seventh, and ninth grade students attending public schools to take part in the physical fitness test (PFT) with the hope to help students in starting life-long healthy habits that consist of regular physical activity.

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Reacting to a New AP Chemistry Teacher

Kari Kelly is introduced as the new AP Chemistry instructor for the 2015-2016 school year by Isabel Evangelista (Staff Writer) – 2/24/15 Introducing new methods such as utilizing zero and first period as well as some Saturdays to better prepare students for chemistry in college, Kennedy honors and general chemistry teacher Kari Kelly has been assigned to teach advanced placement chemistry at school for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.

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